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Data Marketplace for Global Grand Challenges & Exponential Technologies

Happy Friday Ocean Folks

Subject: Seeking Collaborators With Coding Experience For The Data Economy Challenge/ Data Marketplace.

I hope you had a killer week.

Peniel is working at the intersection of exponential technology and Global Grand Challenges through a convergence of tech platforms. We are super stoked with what Ocean is doing with exo-tech data and we helping in making that dream come alive.
Check out our awesome pitch deck [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q_0JfG9qySidEd7HCtQep447b88RKSAB/view?usp=sharing]. We have 3 stage approach to the convergence; Stage 1 - Global Grand Challenge. There are 12 Global Grand Challenges. So the questions are? What exo-techs will impact say the energy global grand challenge? One of the answers is the Internet of Energy in the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) sub-sector. Then we identify collaborators like Energy IoT platforms, DER Management Platforms, Grid Analytics platforms, Peer-to-peer energy trading platforms and we experiment with their convergence. Stage 2 - Corporate Functions. The corporate functions are noted in the pitch-deck, let's look at the HR function as e.g. Peter Thiel's law states: A startup messed up at its foundation cannot be fixed, that is why culture is important. So it turns out that we can use Machine Learning to measure and improve organizational culture. We are experimenting with implementing these tools on (GGC) Ventures at scale and also democratize the data within all these corporate functions and enable the ventures to own it. There are lots of functions to be augmented. Stage 3 - Exponential Technology Approach. Please see "The VRARA For Global Grand Challenges[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kXOeUbAG7QUiSEGqjdGtJkxnJ_tfbXNK/view?usp=sharing]. And we have done that with all the exponential technologies.
We are looking for folks with Coding Experience. checkout https://commons.nile.dev-ocean.com. & https://datawallet.com/ for inspiration



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